QuickBooks Error Code 12152

Published on 19 December 2020 at 10:03

QuickBooks Error Code 12152: Cause and Steps to Fix Error

We are back with another Quickbooks error, yes today we will discuss such types of Quickbooks error. That occurs due to the internet disconnect with your system. Or poor network connection may also the explanation for this error. Yes, this is Quickbooks error 12152. This also error takes place when you make an effort to improve your Quickbooks application. If you want to resolve Error Code 12152 then read this article till the base of the page length. 

Reasons behind Quickbooks error 12152
In order we have already told you, the reason for Quickbooks error 12152 is a poor web connection. But besides this, there are numerous other reasons also available. You'll want to know the several reasons behind this error:

When Quickbooks is unable to read/write the license data.
When you use an outdated type of Quickbooks
The Windows API keys are damaged or wrong
Throughout the installation of Quickbooks, you've got aborted some steps
The body is afflicted with the viruses and malware.

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Symptoms of Quickbooks error 12152
Main signs and symptoms of Quickbooks error 12152 is appearing message from the screen.
Your operating system will automatically crash
And any command written by you work slowly in PC
Some type of computer system may be sluggish and freeze
How exactly to resolve Quickbooks error 12152
After locating the reason and outward indications of Quickbooks error 12152. it becomes very easy to resolve this problem. Similar to you many of us face problems during Quickbooks update. So let’s see below detail by detail solution.

Solution 1: You need to check the time and date settings of the pc
The very first thing is you need certainly to look at the time and date settings.
If your settings are not correct than a call to settings and change it
By simply clicking the Adjust Date/Time option
Then, restart your computer and test if Quickbooks error 12152 is fixed.
In the event that you still facing Quickbooks error than you will have to follow the below steps

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Solution 2: You'll want to Restore your computer or laptop
Firstly, you need to login to your personal computer as an administrator
Now, go through the start menu.
After, that hit All Programs and choose accessories
Now you have to choose System Tools and hit on System Restore.
The latest Window open selects “ Restore my computer to an earlier time” alternative.
Hit on next
Choose a method restore factor and then tab next
After, that opens a configuration window
Click on next
Whilst the process is completed then restart your computer
And, see QuickBooks error 12152 is resolved or not.
If again QuickBooks error 12152 arises then relocate to the following solution.

Solution 3: ensure your internet settings are correct
Ensure that your internet connections will work properly. Since the major reason is your poor web connection.

Firstly, you need to look at your internet settings
So now you have to click Windows + R then visit internet settings.
After, that hit on advanced alternative
Lastly, go through the advance reset solution to make the changes whatever it needs.

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Solution 4: Change Backup File Extension
Go through the start option through the taskbar
After that type cmd in the search field
Then press entering by holding ctrl + shift
Then you need to click on Yes as soon as the permission dialog box is promoted.
Now you will discover a black field with a blinking cursor
Then chances are you have to type “Regedit” and hit enter
Select error 12152 associated type in the registry editor
Click on the File menu through the menu bar and select Export
Select the file through the store within the list to truly save the IE backup key
Enter a name on the go to save the backup
The select branch through the export range box
Now, click on save
Finally, click the Save button and click regarding the file with reg extension

Solution 5: Uninstall and reinstall Quickbooks Software
When you improperly download or install QuickBooks Software then Quickbooks Error 12152 can arise. So you want to reinstall Quickbooks Software in an effective manner.

Firstly uninstall and download the most recent version of QuickBooks application once more
Once the QuickBooks software program is download in your body then open it
Find the scan option and run it.
Then you'll definitely see a listing of errors that develops in your body
Now click on Repair All choice to fix them

If you bring any Quickbooks solution for you personally. We bring all reasons and outward indications of Quickbooks errors. So that it will simple to resolve the error for you. As today we now have fix QB error 12152. We hope this instruction enable you to overcome this situation. But yet in the event that you face almost any problem. Then contact our Quickbooks support team that readily available for you all time when you want it.

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