QuickBooks Printer Library Error

Published on 24 November 2020 at 10:02

How to Fix QuickBooks Printer Library Error? – [Resolved]

Printer Library error can result in the following problems:
User is not able to connect to the selected printer, Microsoft XPS Document Writer on XPS port.
User can’t print to printer.
QuickBooks is unable to complete the current action as a result of a missing PDF file component.
QuickBooks is unresponsive.
The PDF Converter Tool is offline.
User is not able to print right to QuickBooks PDF Converter.
Device is not ready.
User is not able to save the file in .pdf format.
QuickBooks is unable to save forms/reports in .pdf format.
QuickBooks hangs when reconciling accounts.

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Note: Listed here solutions can repair the problem. But before implementing them, QuickBooks must certanly be updated to the latest release.

Updating QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Desktop can be updated to your latest release manually or automatically. Users must turn on ‘Automatic Update’ for allowing QuickBooks to download the latest updates, even when this system is not running. But users may also manually update QuickBooks once a month.

Updating to a different release, such as from R3P to R5P, can cause minor alterations in the database. Nevertheless the changes won’t make the data file incompatible with previous releases.

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Means of Resolving QuickBooks Printer Library Error

1. First Solution: Downloading and running the QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair tool
After downloading and running the tool, users must you will need to complete the .pdf file task that created the error. In the event that error persists, users must reboot their computer and try again.
If the issues are pertaining to ‘Save as PDF’ and ‘Email’ users should check if they could print to your XPS Document Writer. To get this done, users must open Notepad and type some text. Next, they have to select ‘Print’ in the ‘File’ menu and then select ‘XPS Document Writer’ and select ‘Print’. Next, they have to choose their ‘Desktop’ in the ‘Save As’ dialog box.
Now, users must head to their desktop to check on should they can view the XPS document which they printed from Notepad.
Note: For testing printing problems, users must print to an actual printer (not the XPS Document Writer) to check on should they can print outside QuickBooks.

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2. Second Solution: Checking if the reconcile window is appearing off the screen
If QuickBooks locks up when ‘Reconcile’ is chosen in the ‘Banking’ menu, but PDF functions are normal, the reconcile window might be appearing from the screen. Users must select the ‘Window’ menu and look the list to see in the event that reconcile window is listed. Then, select ‘Close All’ and commence the reconciliation process again.

While the steps mentioned here should solve printer-related problems, users could need additional information or help on the issue. In these instances, they need to call the QuickBooks Desktop tech support team Team for 24X7 assistance as of this toll-free number.

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