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Published on 17 November 2020 at 10:12

Simple tips to Replace Your Company Current Email Address in QuickBooks Online

There’s many main reasons why you might want to update the e-mail address you employ in QuickBooks Online.

Oftentimes when you setup QuickBooks it is through the first stages of one's business and also you may possibly not have a business email address contact information yet. You may possibly have begun with your own current current email address and you’d now like to change to your small business address.

I’m planning to exhibit you the way to update the e-mail address you use in QuickBooks Online. If you want to know about How To Update Email Address In QuickBooks just call on our toll free number.

Account and Settings
Go through the icon to the upper right hand corner related to screen.

This opens a window with four columns. Into the left hand column underneath the your company heading click on Account and Settings.

Selecting Accounts and Settings

When you’re in Account and Settings a new menu can look.

Editing Contact Info
In the left hand side be sure that you’ve selected Company.

Account and Settings: Company selected in menu

Move your mouse down seriously to the second box, Contact Info.

Account and Settings: Company contact info

This section has a business email line, this is exactly what we’ll be updating.

To edit this field click on the pencil icon in connection with right hand side.

QuickBooks Online contact info edit

This opens an editor when it comes to Contact info section where you can replace the email address.

Editing company email address in QuickBooks Online

Below this field is a “Customer-facing email” check box. Go here box if you’d just like the Company email you simply entered to finish up being exactly the same one customer’s will see on sales forms.

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You will find circumstances where you may wish these email addresses to be different. For instance, if your company email are the owners of the business although the customer-facing email is one thing like support.

Click on the green Save button to save the email address change.

Saving email address improvement in QuickBooks Online

You’ll now be viewing the saved Contact info and you can make sure that the e-mail address you entered is correct. If all things are good click on the green Done button when you look at the lower right hand corner.

Done editing Contact info in QuickBooks Online Account and Settigns

Sending a Test Email
You can verify that the e-mail is working correctly by sending yourself an invoice.

To do this click New in to the left hand menu and select Invoice underneath the Customers heading.

Creating an invoice in QuickBooks Online

I always have a sample customer that i take benefit of for this sorts of testing.

Sample Customer in QuickBooks Online

Make sure you’re sending this test to yourself and then click the green Save and send button into the bottom right corner.

Save and send invoice in QuickBooks Online

You’ll see a preview of this email that you can edit. You might possibly spot the From field could have a quickbooks email address contact information. Don’t worry, everything’s correct. I’ll show you where your email address appears into the email once your receive it.

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Click on the Send and close button.

Send and close an invoice in QuickBooks Online

Open the invoice email when it arrives in your inbox and reply to the e-mail.

If everything was put up correctly in that case your reply is the company email address you entered in QuickBooks Online.

If you'd like help setting up your email or other business information in QuickBooks, contact your Out Of The Box Technology QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

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