Error In XML Document In QuickBooks

Published on 27 October 2020 at 10:01

There was A Mistake In XML Document Within QuickBooks

access denied error message This XML file will likely not may actually have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

This might be essentially the message I am getting once I am in a webpage and then click on a web link to start.

This XML file will not appear to have any style information pertaining to it. The document tree is shown below.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM there clearly was a selection to make Word Templates. The phrase Template feature was introduced in the MS Dynamics CRM 2016. It is actually beneficial to create templates for generating documents in a standardized format. To show entity data in standardized format we could export word template. But, these word templates retain the entity metadata (i.e. fields, relationships, etc.) till the template is downloaded. If you want to know about How To Resolve The Error In XML Document In QuickBooks then call our Proadviors

Here, on Contact entity we've got created a new field with name “Contact Type (new_contacttype)” and this field is certainly not found in XML Mapping of Word Template as shown below.

XML Mapping

Listed here are the steps to add this field in XML Mapping of existing Word Template:

1. We are considering “contact.docx” custom word template file and generally are adding new fields in this word template.

2. To add new fields in this file, rename “contact.docx” word template file and alter extension from “.docx” to “.zip”.

3. Extract “” file and you will start to see the extracted folder as below:

XML Mapping

4. Open “customXml” folder from extracted “” file after which it open “xml” file in editor to incorporate fields.

5. Then add the modern field in “item1.xml” file as shown below:

XML Mapping

Here, our company is adding the field with logical name new_contacttype in XML Mapping of word template. You can include multiple fields similar to this as well. After adding all necessary fields save the “item.xml” file.

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6. Go back to the “” folder and navigate to “customXml” folder. Then, replace “xml” file of “” file applying this edited file.

7. After that rename “” and replace extension back once again to “.docx”.

8. Now, you will observe the “Contact Type” field in XML Mapping of “contact.docx” word template as shown below and you might use this field to map in word template.

XML Mapping

You can include new fields of Dynamics 365 CRM entity in mapping XML of word templates.

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