QuickBooks Error OL-332

Published on 28 July 2020 at 09:59

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error OL-332?
QuickBooks has grown to become a really necessary tool for managing the accounting means of small and middle-size companies. But sometimes you might face errors when using this software. These errors in QuickBooks always come with a code that will help in diagnosing the explanation for the error. QuickBooks Error OL-332 is just one such error that hampers your workflow. You are able to take help of QuickBooks Enterprise Support contact number to eliminate the matter. In this specific article, we're going to learn about the possible cause of "Error OL-332" and its own resolutions.

Which are the Outward Indications Of QuickBooks Error OL-332?
QuickBooks Error Code OL-332 occurs when any issue occurs while making an on-line transaction. These banking processes include important and confidential data so it becomes very necessary to resolve the error. Otherwise, it will probably show symptoms like calculations mistake, multiple payments or an invalid customer ID or mismatch for the PIN number.

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This error also occurs when there is an issue using the Customer ID. QuickBooks also sends a warning message to the user to check on the client ID before performing any transactions. These errors can be very irritating specially when you do some important focus on QuickBooks. It is possible to contact Intuit QuickBooks Support team for further assistance.

What can cause Error OL-332 in QuickBooks?
QuickBooks requires your confirmation before accessing information through the Personal Financial Management system on the software. If any issue occurs with all the Bank details or perhaps the customer ID or PIN then your following error message appears on the dialogue box into the screen will read:

QuickBooks Error OL332: Customer ID or PIN entered is certainly not valid. Please try again

This error message can be resolved because of the below solution. You should be very careful as it contains sensitive information. You can easily take help of QuickBooks Error Support team for just about any technical assistance.

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Exactly What Are The Resolutions For Error OL-332?
If you are making any transaction that involves a customer and any issue has occurred with customer ID or Pin you will need to cross-examine your detail once more. In the event your information is correct you'll be able to proceed with the below solutions:

Solution 1: TLS 1.2 Protocol:
It is possible to enable the TLS 1.2 security protocol which could resolve the problem. Stick to the below steps to do it :

Open Internet Explorer and then click on Tools option at the very top right side.
Click on Internet Options and then choose Advanced
Next search and click Security
Unmark TLS 1.0 and click USE TLS 1.2
Next click on Apply and OK to truly save changes.
Restart your system and look in the event that error still exists or otherwise not.
Solution 2: New Company File
In the event that error does not resolve then you can create a new TEST company file to solve the issue:

Open QuickBooks and then click on File Menu.
Click on New Company and then choose Express Start
Once the new company file is created then Add the financial institution account which includes error issue and select Set Up account fully for Bank Feeds
Now Download Bank Feed Transactions to the test account file.
In the event that error message appears again then your error is with the financial institution itself. It is possible to contact your bank to resolve the matter. If any error message does not appear you will need to perform the account set-up by pressing the CTRL key continuously.

Solution 3: Running Account Set-Up With CTRL Suppressed
First of all, create Backup for the company file. Now stick to the below steps:

Through the Chart Of Account section, click on Include Inactive and then search the inactive accounts.
Right-click regarding the account which will be checked and click to Edit Account
Search Bank Feed Settings and choose Deactivate All Online Services option.
Now click on Save and Close.
You must verify if that account is certainly not checked and then close the company file.
Now Reopen the company file and Run bank Feed Setup to download transactions
Make sure to press Ctrl key each and every time an integral is pressed.
Get Tech Support Team For QuickBooks Error OL-332
Hopefully, the above solution can simply fix QuickBooks Error OL-332. In case, if you need any technical assistance then you can certainly contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number. Our experts will pay attention to your issues patiently and resolve it very quickly. Our QuickBooks Customer Support helpline is open 24×7 for your assistance. In the event that you required then you can certainly also take help of your Bank official to resolve the issue.

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